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Warranty & Terms of Service

Guaranteed Excellence

At Elysium Black Diamond, each product is uniquely made to order, with individual serial numbers to emphasize its distinctiveness and identity. Elysium is committed to addressing any concerns post-delivery to ensure customer satisfaction.

Lifetime Warranty for Your Ring

At Elysium Black Diamond, we believe in the enduring quality of our products. That's why your ring comes with a comprehensive lifetime warranty, ensuring peace of mind along with elegance.

First Year – Comprehensive Coverage at No Extra Cost During the first year, you're completely covered. Any necessary repairs or refinishing will be taken care of by us, free of charge. The only cost you'll incur is for shipping the ring to us.

Beyond the First Year – Minimal Material Fee After the initial year of complete coverage, you can still rely on our support for any warranty replacements, with a nominal material fee:

  • Standard Rings: A material fee of just $149.
  • Premium Rings (over $3,500): For these exquisite pieces, the material fee is $349, reflecting their exceptional value and craftsmanship.

Our commitment is to ensure your Elysium Black Diamond ring remains as perfect as the day you chose it, symbolizing enduring quality and our dedication to your satisfaction.


Forever Fit Warranty

All Elysium rings are warranted against imperfection in design, materials or workmanship and are also covered by our ALWAYS FIT warranty, which includes a one-time, lifetime ring size exchange free of charge for all standard, non-custom rings.  To request a resize or size exchange, your Elysium ring and proof of purchase must be provide to Elysium via If any party other than Elysium has worked on your Elysium ring, the warranty is null and void. Elysium is not responsible for sentimental value of the original jewelry.  Please refer to our section on Returns and Refunds for more information.

For our ships in 2 Business Days, existing inventory rings collection, customers must pay the difference between the discounted ring and the current retail of the ring in order to exercise their size exchange or warranty policy. 

For rings included in our Benchmark Collection:
As long as there is no custom inner engraving, we offer a one time size exchange within 30 days of delivery.  

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