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Our History: Elysium Black Diamond Rings | Mens Solid Diamond Wedding Rings | Crushed Black Diamond | Wedding Bands with Yellow Gold, Rose Gold & More


Founded in 2012 by Coby Dixon and Troy Medford, Elysium Black Diamond has become a pioneering force in the world of luxury jewelry. Drawing on their extensive experience in the diamond industry, the founders set out to create a line of exceptional jewelry pieces that would showcase the extraordinary properties of solid diamond.


Troy, having worked with diamonds for over 15 years, played a crucial role in securing the proprietary technology for Elysium Black Diamond. This technology, derived from diamond technology used in petroleum drilling and medical devices, formed the foundation for the creation of solid diamond men's bands.

The partnership between Coby and Troy began during Coby's consulting work for a medical device company. It was there that their shared vision of crafting solid diamond jewelry took shape, and the seeds of Elysium Black Diamond were sown.


Initially, the founders embarked on a quest to create a solid diamond watch and engaged in discussions with numerous watch companies in Switzerland. Although the dream of a solid diamond watch remains alive, the size limitations for pressing solid diamond proved a challenge for watch faces.

Undeterred, Coby and Troy turned their attention to men's rings, driven by the realization that there is no material harder than diamond. They envisioned a ring that was impervious to scratches, and would retain its design, polish, and sheen indefinitely. After several years of meticulous research and development, the first Elysium band was brought to life.


With little prior experience in the jewelry industry, Coby and Troy set out to familiarize themselves with the market. Their first retail client was Goldsmith Jewelers, located in Provo, UT, near Elysium's corporate offices. Encouraged by the positive response, they reached out to Robbins Brothers, a prominent jewelry retailer based in California. Despite the formidable obstacle of securing a partnership with an industry leader of such stature, the test yielded favorable results, prompting Coby and Troy to forge an alliance with the esteemed distributor, Lashbrook Designs. This strategic collaboration played a pivotal role in propelling the launch of Elysium Black Diamond to new heights of success.


Over time, Elysium's presence expanded rapidly, with its products available in over 300 stores across the United States. As the exclusivity agreement with Lashbrook Designs concluded, Coby and Troy made the strategic decision to establish their own sales team and independently grow the company.

Today, Elysium has gained a formidable presence, with its exceptional creations showcased in over 800 stores nationwide and extending beyond borders into Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Aruba, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.


Elysium's unwavering ambition drives its continuous pursuit of excellence. The owners aspire to share this remarkable technology with the world, ensuring that the beauty and strength of solid diamond jewelry are accessible to all who appreciate its timeless allure. Explore our curated selection of black diamond rings.

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Elysium Rings are the only ring that truly lasts forever.