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Plastic Sizer

How to use the Elysium Ring Sizer

Included with every Elysium Ring order, a free sizer is included to ensure a perfect fit. Due to the unique nature of Elysium Black Diamond, each ring must be made one at a time and cannot be resized. 

Your order will not be complete until we have received confirmation of your size.

  1. Place a plastic ring on your finger and find one that fits snug
  2. Wear the size you like for a couple of hours to ensure it's comfortable
  3. Email us at with your order number and confirmed size (the size is on the outside of each sizer)
  4. If none of the sizes fit, please call or email our staff (385) 484-9670
  5. Keep or discard the sizers, no need to send them back!



While we prepare your diamond, we send you our required ring sizing kit. (It is required because our rings fit slightly different than other brands)

The Ring Sizing Kit takes 5-7 business days to ship from our facility.  Once you email us confirming your size we will finish your ring. 

3-4 weeks from the day you confirm your size, the ring will be completed and shipped from our facility.

Please keep in mind we cannot finish your ring until you confirm your size with us.

Rushes are available for a fee and can be completed by contacting us through the email

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Jeffrey A Lacerte
Excellent Customer Service!

These guys make sure you are taken care of, buy with confidence!

Thomas Lange
Still waiting for the updated sizing rings from 9 to 10

So far the company has been very forthcoming and helpful. My foolish fingers should get their act together with the next attempt at finding my size. Once this is done I look forward to my new ring so that my wife doesn't give me dirty looks anymore for not having my wedding band on.

Ryan Touvell
Plastic Sizers is a nice way to know how the ring will feel

The 3 sizers provided were helpful and add an additional way to replace your ring if there’s any concern of somewhere you are going and don’t want to lose it but shows you’re taken. Or worried it may get lost.

Cody Jeffrey
Fantastic idea, could use some tweaks

I ordered my ring, got my sizers sent quickly, and they’re great. EXCELLENT idea to be absolutely sure of how the ring will fit. However, my only thoughts for improving the process would be to somehow highlight the lettering on the sizers. They are kind of hard to read. Also, maybe include some kind of FAQs or tips, or “things to consider” in the memo that comes with them. Some people may not realize or think about the fact that the rings are sized for life, and unable to be changed. They may not realize that if they get the ring at age 17 and 140lbs, they’ll need to think of how their hand size may change by the time they’re 40 and 200lbs, or how their body temperature will fluctuate the size of their fingers. Little details like these may get someone to lean towards a size that will be comfortable for life, rather than just the time being.

Joe Thomas
im not sure

it seemed to me a bit smaller than usual. Almost always a size 9 is a bit loose on me, this one is snug. It may be that its thickness, Im not sure. But, it still fits well

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